Professional Activity Day- March 3rd, 2023

On Friday, March 3, Trillium Lakelands District School Board educational staff will be focusing their learning primarily on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.


Elementary educators will engage in STEM learning, data review, and School Improvement Equity Plan (SIEP) monitoring.


  • Technology, science, and math teachers will participate in STEM professional development (PD).
  • Physical education and health teachers will participate in first aid certifications, re-certification, and opioid awareness workshops.
  • Remaining educators will participate in PD supporting the equitable promotion of pathways and programs in all subject areas.

Best Seats in the House.. Christmas Concert Edition!

We will be raffling off best seats in the house for both our afternoon performance and our evening performance. These seats will be right at the front in a comfy reclining chair. Each $5.00 raffle ticket will enter your name once into the draw. All proceeds go to purchase of chromebooks. Tickets can be purchased at cash on-line or by sending $5.00 to your child teacher.


School Schedule


Jk/SK 1  Ms. Wilson and Mrs. Tough
JK/SK 2 Mrs. Wells and Ms. Winger
JK/SK 3 Mrs. Minion and Mrs. Woodman
Grade 1  Mrs. Kubica
Grade 1/2  Mrs. Nicol and Mrs. Webster
Grade 2/3  Mrs. Kelly
Grade 3/4  Ms. McKinnon
Grade 4/5  Mrs McKay
Grade 5/6  Mrs. Plumpton
Grade 6/7  Mr. Watt
Grade 7/8  Mrs. Farr
French  Madame  Lane
Primary and Kindergarten Prep Coverage Ms. Meinecke
SERT   Mrs. Burnie
Library Clerk - Mrs. Rynard
Secretary - Mrs. Rea
EAs -  Mrs. J Barton   Mr. M Barton  Mrs. H Lively
Daycare - Compass - call 705-313-1572
Trustee- Deb McInerney- call 705-879-2785

Morning Announcements