On May 12 1923, the Woodville Brass Band played as Mr. G.B. Rennie and Miss Alice Harstone led their students from the two-story white brick school east of Knox Presbyterian Church to the new Woodville Continuation and Public School on Nappadale Street.  Form 1 students remained in a classroom above Mr. Bert McKague’s store until June 1923 with Mr. Eachern Tolmie as principal. They moved to the new school building in September 1923.

The new school building was made of red brick and its dimensions were 86 feet by 46 feet. It had a basement, washrooms, a furnace room, repair quarters, storage space for extra supplies, a tool counter, work bench, and two recreational play-rooms for the children when the weather was inclement. All materials, architectural plans and workmen involved in the construction of this new school were Canadian and local men.

When Grant’s School was condemned and declared unfit for children’s safety, transportation to Woodville School was arranged by parents taking turns. Black’s School and McIndoo School closed next. Mr. Sam Holden was the school bus driver for these students and those on Concessions 5 and 6 in north Eldon Township. When Grasshill and Sandringham Schools in Eldon closed, Mr. Harry Coulter served as the bus driver to bring students to Woodville. Mr. Murray McInnes drove a third bus picking up three kindergarten students, the Chessman children, and Hugh Cameron’s children on the main road to Woodville. Mr. Rennie was principal of the Public School and Mr. Tolmie was principal of the Continuation School.

In September 1957 all Woodville Continuation School students were bussed to Lindsay, and three more classrooms became available to Public School students. Beginning in 1960, Woodville students were bussed to Fenelon Falls due to overcrowding in Lindsay.

In 1972 Woodville School was remodelled and enlarged. The kindergarten children gathered in the basement of Knox Presbyterian Church. There were two portables beside the school for the primary grades. Grade 4 and some grade 5 students were taken by bus to the two-room school in Lorneville. Grade 5-8 students were bussed to Oakwood School. In January 1973, classes started moving back to Woodville School.

In 1998 a new wing was added to Woodville School to replace nine portable classrooms. A new library, computer lab, multipurpose room, health room, and staff room were included. The grade eight class gathered in a banquet room at the arena during construction.