The partnership of parents and teachers is a powerful one. When it works positively, students feel good about school. This outcome is so important to our young people.


This Parent Tool Kit has been developed for parents. It can be shared widely with family members and caregivers. It is intended to support the work parents do as the first and most important teachers of their children.

The Parent Tool Kit provides ideas for families to use as they support learning at school and at home. Students whose learning is supported at home are more successful in school and stay in school longer. This Parent Tool Kit is meant to add to the many things families already do to support learning at home and may include ways families are already using. Information to support and complement this Tool Kit is available for schools and school councils so that they may offer opportunities for parents to further develop skills in helping at home.

While the Parent Tool Kit includes activities that family members may want to engage in with their children, it is not a complete list of good practices to support learning at home. We hope you will add those activities that you already use to any here that are new to you. Please use any ideas in this book to support your children in their education. When students know learning is valued by their family, learning is a high priority for students.