Welcome to Woodville Elementary School (WVE)! The staff of WVE believe in close cooperation between the home and the school. A harmonious relationship based on mutual respect is essential to the progress and development of your children in their learning program. We invite you to join with us in the important responsibility of educating your children.


  • to ensure that every student at WVE receives an education program suited to his/her individual needs and abilities through program adjustment when necessary
  • to provide an educational environment which fosters self-esteem and the development of social and moral responsibility within each student
  • to foster an appreciation for our cultural and artistic heritage by providing the opportunity to share in experiences both at the school level and in the wider community
  • to provide a studious, creative and caring learning environment which will capitalize on children’s natural curiousity and assist them to become self-disciplined, independent, life-long learners
  • to promote literacy and numeracy learning by exposing students to programming which addresses the various developmental stages of individual growth
  • to incorporate strategies for developing language proficiency across the curriculum by emphasizing thinking, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in all subject areas
  • to facilitate the intermediate student’s successful transition from the elementary level to the secondary level